Every village has witch

From the domestic micro-power of toxic masculinity that develops within the village community to the state violence that tolerates and is silently complicit in the murders of "witches", an ongoing war, social-class-gender, is raging against women.
The work "Every village has a witch", based on a song from Denmark in 1885, which is heard on festive occasions around fires, depicts the emergence of daily barbarism, in a world where the dominant forms of development and production cause new forms of fencing of common goods, while the intensity of violence against women is on its climax.
This work is inspired by the struggles of collectives, such as the witches of south in Athens as a breath of dignity in the face of the capitalist stench.

This work was part of Isternia ZIG-ZAG Festival 2021
text by Giorgos Prentzas


mixed media 
100x20x20 cm