Instant Monument

The American artist Robert Morris in his text "Notes on Sculpture" in 1966 talks about the relation of the monument to the scale in order to justify the choices of dimensions of a work of art (Morris, 2006). It initially defines as a structure any construction that does not include figurative or architectural references and adds that the same term describes either the entirety of a work or the way it is assembled. Morris observes that the values and principles that govern a structure relate to how the human body enters the total continuum of sizes and establishes itself as a constant of that scale. In other words, the subject allows recognition of the scale of objects when compared to the size of the human body. The element of intimacy is mainly contained in objects smaller than the subject, while the progressive increase in the size of an object gives the quality of publicness.

Katerina Botsari's research is placed in the field of anti-menstrual inventions found around the perimeter of the urban fabric. The wandering in the public space reveals the material elements, the architectural oddities but also ways of creative diversion to improve ingenuity. She herself in the exhibition "The Beauty and its Rival" tests the temporary in-situ construction of a structure, experiments with scale, spatial geometry, public character while appropriating the construction materials of the previous century that exist in the space.