Niche(s)/Nische(n),2022, Güterbahnhof, Bremen

The TOR 26 Residency at Güterbahnhof was an experience of an organized yet spontaneous artistic gathering that enriched my practice with questions on sustainability and climate change issues.

Too much sunshine brings dessert
material: sand, pigment, plexiglass, wood
dimensions variable

This search began with wandering around the city of Bremen and observing the materials that make up its geological and logistical character. Subtly, an internal comparison and parallel was being made with my own daily spatial experience in Athens. At the same time, on that carefree morning, there was a conversation with the residency curator about the way the Northerners translate the word Niche and the fact that, for them, Greece has references to a complete and self-existent ideological and cultural shape and therefore constitutes a niche in their mind . This information sat in my mind while I observed the sand that often protruded in the city of Bremen tributaries but also in the flower beds on the sides of the main roads. I was very impressed by the fact that an entire islet in the center of the city with the Museum of Contemporary Art built on it is largely composed of this particularly wet and fine-grained type of sand that I often encountered and is only revealed at low tide.

The use of colored sand as well as industrial and everyday materials in the project "Too much sunshine brings desert" is a comment on the economic and climatic changes that have almost prevailed as a backward evolution in local daily life and globally with the cultural niche flickering while the establishment always finds ways to exploit the last natural and human resources.

material: mirror, wood, tapes, screws
dimensions variable

The Teleidoscope, an work that was first installed at the English school of Mylopotamos, within the context of the 1st Kythira Biennale (2016) is based on the triptych space - place - man through the schematic narration by the participant contemplator himself who enlivens the environment with his senses, revives the historical frame and thinks on the distorted social reality.
Having the property to reflect the surrounding space through a complex of mirrors, its function is based on observing images that are kaleidoscopically imprinted inside the three dimensional triangles, which images are constantly repeated.