XRΩPEI Monument ,2023, part of Super Sport #02, XRΩPEI Factory, Athens

Super Sport #02 is an art action set in the abandoned ΧΡΩΠΕΙ factory close to Piraeus and is made by a group of artists with no specific curatorial line or guidelines, other than the will to explore the potential of experimentation in this kind of environment, so common in the urban skin of Athens.

The Austrian art historian Alois Riegl at the beginning of the 20th century was thoroughly concerned with clarifying what the characteristics of monuments are. Its original placement finds the definition monument to be interpreted as a human creation (by tactile, or auditory means) visualized to preserve the consciousness of later "ever-present acts or arts" (Riegl, 1982).
The XRΩPEI Monument at the exterior of the factory is a replica of a public artwork reminiscent the counter-culture era.