George Kazazis
Professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts

The visual artist Katerina Botsari, was a student in G’ painting studio, Athens School of Fine Art. During the period of our cooperation, she was distinguished more than once for her assiduity and boldness in the use of materials, as well as concepts. What made her stand out, though, was persistence in her efford toward an image intended to be modern, but essentially profound at the same time, through her phenomenal decorativeness. Cooperative and consistent as to the activities of her studio –exercises, projects, studies- and of the school in general, she managed to exhibit a work distinguished by a gifted, balanced and, more than anything else, modern outlook on the image and its meanings.
Complicated figures- in image or non-image form, keen decorativeness coexist in her work, composing representations and metamorphoses of imaginary and real forms. Her works, sensitive and powerful at the time, develop an extraordinary private space, commenting on metamorphosis. The remarkable thing is the way she redefines the unavailing through its interaction with private or socio-political issues. From the third year on, she was involved in this subject enriching it with conceptual data and symbolisms. An artist with humour and diligence, she also converses with the subject of contemporary memory, exhibiting heterogeneous objects and seemingly heterogeneous concepts, flattening and demystifying any melodrama.