Giannis Psychopedis
Professor, Director, G’ Painting studio, Athens School of Fine Arts

Katerina Botsari is a young artist with living, contemporary and inquisitive work, and an artistic perconality which is open to new ideas and bold and intriguing artistic proposals.
Integral in her thought, recponsible and consistent in her studies, she completed her attendance in the Athens School of Fine Arts in G’ Painting studio which I run, with excellend performance, demonstrating the full range of her powerful artistic potential.
Her work is marked by a vast expressive richness and bold view in the constantly renewed artistic form. Different materials and exploration of new methods pose for K.B. a constant challenge, which, in creative terms transforms into original and plastic solid artistic sets.
Having a well founded and structured artistic background in drawing and colour, composition and materials, K.B. along with painting, entered the three dimensions, constructions in space, mixed media, everyday materials, organising extended environments.
In K.B.’ s work everyday objects, with the intervention of painting, acguire a dimention of dynamic poetry, creating a new plactic reality, densed with genuine painting sensitivity and profound decorative, yet, non superficial richness.
The artistic world of K.B. ends its round with imagination and emotion in creative game of plastic transformations. Through the language of a living art, an expressive pluralism is released here, revealing experiences of poetic freedom and artistic pursuit and self-awareness.
The works of K.B. are characterised by the meaningful, fertile conversation between their plastic elements. Through imaginative and abrupt fusions of everyday heterogeneous materials, the brilliant phantasmagoria of painting media and a constantly refreshing, playful and subversive outlook are revealed. In an intense and consistent search of artistic freedom and act, K.B. creates meaningful plastic events in space, with a direct, easy, and at the same time stochastic power, where experimental forms are integrated into a mature, aware artistic language.